Meet the Team - DJ Fids

Daniel Fidaoui, DJ Fids, Fidsyboy; just many of the many names you might have heard for the team’s resident sweetheart. A product of a few different areas around the city, this homegrown talent has done it all in the short...

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The Senate Tavern: Superbowl Pop up by Chef Jae Anthony

With the first month of the year behind us, nobody will forget what 2020 taught us. The trajectory of the new year has reminded us to stay on our toes. The goal this year, as every other year, is to...

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FFA NEWS: City Fidelia truly is the Mayor of Ottawa

Luigi "City" Fidelia has always been someone we look up to at FFA. By constantly working on his craft and showing it in every release, City embodies everything we strive for here at Far From Average. Since returning to Ottawa, he...

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