Meet the Team - DJ Fids

By Cole Aghar

Meet the Team - DJ Fids

Daniel Fidaoui, DJ Fids, Fidsyboy; just many of the many names you might have heard for the team’s resident sweetheart. A product of a few different areas around the city, this homegrown talent has done it all in the short number of years he’s been a part of the DJ community in Ottawa. Sharing a birthday with Canada itself, DJ Fids has never been one to shy from the spectacle. Once he got a taste and began to hone his craft, he started landing DJ gigs across the city. As FFA’s sponsored DJ he appeared at: The Common Eatery, The Senate Tavern, Babylon, PRVT PRPTY(who remembers these nights?) Rabbit Hole and even RBC’s Ottawa Bluesfest with local talent Black Iri$h. What a way to burst on the scene.

Since the first day he joined the FFA team, DJ Fids has been known for his creative ideas. They range from putting his face on a T-Shirt, to collaborating with the CASCO charity board to host a basketball tournament here at Lansdowne Park. CASCO is a charity organization within the Telfer School of Business at The University of Ottawa. Together we raised over $2000 to support the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario(CHEO) who CASCO raises funds for. The spectrum changed once the team got a taste of giving back to the community.

In the midst of the pandemic slowing the world down around him, DJ Fids did as we all had too; slow down with it. Taking a step back and spending time with his family, the boy never strayed far from the cause. As the world was put on pause, another passion of his started to come to fruition, Film Photography. Being present either on the tables or to support the culture, picking up cameras and burning through rolls of film became a hobby for him over the years.

As he dug through his archives and began to share his work via @fidspics on Instagram it became apparent he wanted to find a way to use his talent to give back to the community. Pairing with Y.A.A.C.A.N this year Danny has decided to invest his time into some non-profit charity work of his own. He is going to be selling prints of his film photography and taking 100% of proceeds to donate to different initiatives around the city. Given how hard the COVID-19 Pandemic has hit the homeless population across the country, the Ottawa Shelters are where he’s set his eyes on first.

Be on the lookout for where all this goes as he tries to navigate launching his own charitable initiative right here in Ottawa. We are unbelievably proud of this guy and will do nothing but support him any way we can. To learn more about this new project visit Daniel Fidaoui’s new website




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