Milez Stxne releases his first EP "KEYS"

By Matthew Kyazze

Milez Stxne releases his first EP

KEYS is an introduction to Milez Stxne as an artist, a 20 minute ‘wave.’ This project was created with a certain vibe in mind - aimed towards a dark, late night, faded, trap feel.

Born in Ottawa, Milez grew up in South Keys - Trappers Park area. “My environment where I grew up, where I stay had and will always have a big influence on my music, that was my driving force behind keys,” says Milez Stxne.

My favourite track on the EP has to be Woods - a blunt smoking turn up session. It’s no surprise that I partake in the “herb” every now and then (..daily? - who we kidding). Definitely going to be on the set list when you come out to a Stxne show, especially outdoor venues! #kushclouds

Talking about shows be sure to check out Milez Stxne first live performance in Ottawa. 
Saturday, December 15th @ Avant Garde Bar (Doors at 7pm)
He will be performing singles off the ‘KEYS’ EP and dropping some new-new off his highly anticipated debut album ‘Trap Valley’ estimated release: Summer ‘19. (oops #leaked)


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