Mutabazi the Hip-Hop/R&B vocalist based out of Orange County, CA.

By Matthew Kyazze

Mutabazi the Hip-Hop/R&B vocalist based out of Orange County, CA.

Mutabazi is a Hip-Hop/R&B vocalist based out of Orange County, CA. His vocal versatility and impactful lyrics have made him one of the most in demand independent artists in Southern California. He's cultivating a unique style while appealing to the masses. His presence in the studio proves he's a force to be reckoned with. He first caught our attention with his song "What's Poppin". 

Cover art by FFA member James Wrinn. 

Mutabazi only started considering the possibility of music as a career in 2015, while residing in Denver, CO. “I used to just mess around and do different voices with friends before I figured out I can sing and switch melodies to how I wanted. I later figured out I was pretty good at it.”

Mutabazi is not only an artist but a partner at the Independent Record Label, Voltron Independent Productions, with co-founder Nick Smith. “We are building something very special and it's completely organic. Although I am mostly on the West Coast and he is in Denver, we are getting a lot of love throughout the whole country. We've had songs played on the radio in the UK. Once Covid is over we want to be able to travel while doing what we love most. I want to entertain the world! I want everyone to feel like a VIP!”
We are very excited to see what's next for the artist, for now stream his new song "Self Sustained"!




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