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What is YAACAN?

By Matthew Kyazze

What is YAACAN?

YAACAN- is a registered Canadian charity, standing for Young, Africans, And, Canadians, Acting, Now. Their mission is to build self-reliant and empowered communities by establishing sustainable development projects that address issues related to poverty, education and environmental concerns.

This photo was taken by @__ericstone

The FFA Members are now the Creative Directors for the charity, giving them quite a few responsibilities to help grow this large scale project. FFA Member, Matt Kyazze has redone the Instagram for YAACAN with his team members, Eric Stone, Scott Vanasse, and James Wrinn. With the new photos taken by the team members plus the amazing video content, things are moving in the right direction. 

Check out the YAACAN Instagram right here!


We are using visuals to express how important the content we are sharing really is. We hope you follow our Instagram pages and stay updated through our website hashtagffa.ca and new YAACAN website which will be relaunched in November 2020. Please watch our first video on flood risk. 

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Download the FFA App TODAY!

By Matthew Kyazze

Download the FFA App TODAY!

The rumours are true, we officially have an App! The boys from FFA are incredibly excited to share this new milestone with all of you. You can now download the app on the App store, and the Google play store.

Download the App below!

App Store: https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/far-from-average/id1532422431

Google Play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.hashtagffa

New Features 

We have new page called FFA Artists to showcase the individuals we work with. Most are from the city of Ottawa. As time goes by, our team will hopefully grow internationally. 

New Apparel 

The FFA Side bag is here! We have taken the time to create the best side bag possible for our customers. You can only Pre-Order the FFA Side bag for $45.00 CAD plus tax. Link below!


The FFA Baby Onesie


The FFA Baby Onesie now avaiable for purchase for $24.00 CAD plus tax. Available for 6 month & 12 month old babies. 


Stayed tuned for New Contests, New Apparel and Consistent Content!

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