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Far From Average 

Founded in 2014, Far From Average is a Creative Agency, that specializes in, Social Media and Guerrilla Marketing. The FFA members include producers, marketers, photographers, videographers, and project managers.

Far From Average is a brand that is known for it's organic and unique style. They are one of the main marketing outlets for the Ottawa hip-hop community and are highly respected in the Ottawa fashion industry. "Our main focus has been to bring Ottawa's talent and local businesses to the nation's eye." -Matt Kyazze

FFA Members

Matt Kyazze

This photo was taken by @peopleplacesenergy

Matt Kyazze [ cha-z-zayy] is the CEO and Co-founder behind FFA. Both his parents were born in Uganda, met in California and later on moved to Ottawa, Ontario, in the early 90s. Few years later they welcomed their first son. He developed an early passion for Technology, Project Management, and Media Design, back in high school. Graduating from St. Francis Xavier in RSS and attending Algonquin College for Marketing. Matt has put together a platform where he can promote and represent the talent here in Ottawa, Canada. 


The company offers Production Services for Artists and Restaurants. After the product is completed they display the content through their main media outlets:

In order to have a proper understanding of all the projects the FFA members are working on, you will need to follow them on each platform above. To see things full circle.

They are able to connect businesses together and drive larger traffic to the desired platform chosen by the client. "By incorporating a bit of FFA in each person or company we work with, we create a realm where we elevate and promote individuals who thrive to be Far From Average. People who display positivity, leadership, and volunteer there time back to the city of Ottawa, are our kind of people."

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Media Services

  • Music Videos
  • Promotional Videos for Artists & Restaurants
  • Photoshoots
  • Graphic Design

Event Management

  • Club Events
  • Fashion Shows
  • Networking Events

FFA Apparel

Created and designed by the FFA Team, the apparel is made out of quality materials. With designs that you haven't come across.

FFA Members

James Wrinn:

Graphic Designer/Videographer

Daniel Fidaoui:

DJ/Creative Director

Frank Ayafor:


Eric Stone:


Scott Vanasse:






Past Contracted Clients: