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Far From Average Records

FFA is known as a Creative Agency, that specializes in, Social Media and Guerrilla Marketing. For the last two years we've been taking the time to expand our Music Services.

We now represent multiple artists, all from the city of Ottawa. Meet each of them below. 


This photo was taken by @peopleplacesenergy

Born in the Capital of Canada, the young CEO of Far From Average Inc. has decided to take his music much more seriously. Kyazze is inspired by Mick Jenkins. City Fidelia, Kanye West, and Drake. He has a lot to prove to himself but he is ready to release all sorts of new music, with an abundance of features.

 McLovin by Kyazze ft Black Iri$h


 This photo was taken by @scottyv__

Nathan Miles

Ottawa-based rapper and songwriter, Nathan Miles is quickly being considered the “most slept on and creative artist out of the city.” Shifter Magazine proclaimed, “he seems to understand today’s climate in hip-hop” which proved true on Trap Valley. As a cloud rap artist, his authentic sound provides listeners a nostalgic atmosphere with energetic ambience.
Nathan’s mother played a key role, enticing his musical curiosity which lead him to discover rap and hip-hop culture. In 2017, Nathan Miles began songwriting and released a Soundcloud-exclusive EP that same year.
“Everything about Nathan Miles seems calculated and intentional from the visuals and music to his image and styling,” declared Kevin Bourne (Shifter Magazine).

Bon Appétite by Nathan Miles ft Kyazze

This photo was taken by @3fiftyco