FFA Artists

Far From Average 

In 2015 FFA was moving towards the right direction on Instagram and attracting a larger audience with every new post. Matt Kyazze and his business partner the time Ryan McDonald were managing and eventually became very active on the social media platform Twitter. 

Artists would send the two demos. Matt & Ryan would respond with an honest opinion and add some light tips on how to make it sound better. This is where Matt Kyazze got the idea to incorporate a record label. In present time FFA represents, Dj Fids, Dashype, Newagehip, Black Iri$h, and Nathan Miles. Matt Kyazze also makes music and goes by his last name "Kyazze". 


 McLovin by Kyazze ft Black Iri$h


 This photo was taken by @scottyv__

Nathan Miles

Ottawa-based rapper and songwriter, Nathan Miles is quickly being considered the “most slept on and creative artist out of the city.” Shifter Magazine proclaimed, “he seems to understand today’s climate in hip-hop” which proved true on Trap Valley. As a cloud rap artist, his authentic sound provides listeners a nostalgic atmosphere with energetic ambience.
Nathan’s mother played a key role, enticing his musical curiosity which lead him to discover rap and hip-hop culture. In 2017, Nathan Miles began songwriting and released a Soundcloud-exclusive EP that same year.
“Everything about Nathan Miles seems calculated and intentional from the visuals and music to his image and styling,” declared Kevin Bourne (Shifter Magazine).
Non Chalant by Nathan Miles ft Kyazze
This photo was taken by @3fiftyco
Newagehip aka Hippie got his start at Capcity showdown December 2014. He was offered a spot in the competition after dropping freestyles at a bush party in Embrun. Since then Hip has performed over 70 shows in the city of Ottawa. Opening for artists such as MGK at Algonquin Commons, Freddie Gibbs at Babylon Nightclub, & Comethazine at the Bourbon Room! A big turning point was when Hip crossed paths with Kyazze & Black Irish in 2015 after opening for Jazz Cartier at Ritual Nightclub with Swift Crew. Kyazze & Hip have since thrown countless parties & shows all over the city and Hip never throws a show without his partner Dashype. Presently Das & Hip have been spending the year off performing in the studio stacking up music and are almost ready to start dropping a song a week. They have been working with FFA Productions on three separate Music Video projects. Check out the first of the three below. LaLaLa by Dashype and Newagehip. Produced by Trench Foot.
 They plan on dropping a new merch piece once every month for as long as they can go for. Get ready for it!
After a couple of relatively quiet years, Dashype is back and releasing more new music than ever. Revered easily as one of Ottawa’s most versatile up-and-coming vocalists and producers; fusing elements of bass heavy lyrical rap, rnb, trap, pop, and choir style singing; Dashype’s sound is growing much more intricate and calculated moving into 2021. 
Das has worked with and preformed alongside many of the city’s underground heavyweights including DUKESs, and Deucio; experimental rap artists like Newagehip, and producer Trench Foot to be able to craft a sound that is within it’s own realm in comparison to other artists in the city.
As of late, Das has been working closely with FFA’s very own Kyazze, and is releasing a series of back-to-back EP’s with Newagehip leading into the new year.
Black Iri$h

Black Iri$h is an Ottawa hip hop/ R&B performer on the verge of becoming his city’s next Belly.   With his high energy shows full of kodak moments, Iri$h can move a crowd like few. Irish’s energy and vibe are  reflected in his music, and has a way of painting a picture with words. Irish has been receiving  significant media  coverage for his works - he's been featured on ESPN, ELEVATOR YAHOO SPORTS, HIPHOPCANADA and many more. This past summer Iri$h performed at Ottawa Bluesfest, where he opened for BECK.  Black Irish has also opened N.O.R.E, RiFF RAFF, Rich Homie Quan.

In 2018, Iri$h released his first EP, Gemini Season, with its lead single “NASCAR” being picked up on major Spotify playlists “NORTHERN BARS” & “PULL UP”. The single has already amassed just under 50,000 plays. The second single “Mars” features a 3 minute cartoon video where Iri$h goes to MARS with “Elon Musk”. This video received critical acclaim and was featured in ELEVATOR magazine .