FFA NEWS: Trap Valley

Nathan Miles Presents "Trap Valley"

By Matthew Kyazze

Nathan Miles Presents
Hello 2020! It feels good to be here. To start things off, we have Nathan Miles releasing his first EP tonight at MIDNIGHT! This project has a total of 12 songs. There are no features on the album so you know he put in the time. This is the first major release from 4Reign Records, which is the independent Record Label created by Nathan Miles himself. 
"Trap Valley, as my debut project is an ode to where I come from and the city that raised me, Ottawa. As a Trappers Park native of the Ottawa Valley, I decided to blend both areas of my environment to create this project. Trap for Trappers Park and Valley for the Ottawa Valley, this debut project is a playlist to showcase my skills and abilities." - Nathan Miles
Nathan has been very active since September 2019, with two Music Videos already out. One for his first single "Hunnit".
The second Music Video was released on October 27th, 2019 for his second single "HYLMN".
We as a collective from FFA really appreciate Nathan's creativity and organization when it comes down to releasing a project. We can not wait for the world to hear this album, hit a comment below and tell us what you think after you hear it.
Pre-Save "Trap Valley" right now, through the link below!

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