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Young Astronomer Releases Hype New Track “On!” Produced by Utility Beats

By Matthew Kyazze

Young Astronomer Releases Hype New Track “On!” Produced by Utility Beats

Young Astronomer is back at it again and releases brand new single
titled “On!” | produced by the same producer that brought you the
conjoined hit collab with Young Astronomer x Utility Beats “Cloud 9”. That
dropped recently on 170+ major digital platforms & has since
accumulated over 10,000 streams on Spotify & SoundCloud altogether!

The young emcee is working on getting his name out worldwide, bringing together a new sound and vibe + creating a fresh catalogue of
prominent singles and videos throughout this coming year. This is a
true up and coming artist, so watch for his drops!

Young Astronomer starts out very trap inspired, bringing bars with
real subject, rhymes unheard of and the hard sounding signature
delivery from the 26 year old artist that we’ve come to expect. This
single was lightly mixed by Trenchfoot (Ottawa Bass Music) recorded by
Young Astronomer himself and produced entirely by Utility Beats, this
is a real banger! We suggest you take a listen! With more new
music to come, show announcements and features about to release.. we
just had to write this one up and set it in stone!


Presave link for - Young Astronomer - ON! ↓


Soon to be on all major digital platforms including Spotify, Deezer,
Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, iTunes etc. with
official lyrics posted on various lyric websites - listen for now on
SoundCloud & YouTube ↙

SoundCloud link for - Young Astronomer - ON! -

Follow Young Astronomer on Instagram: @y.astronomer

Follow Young Astronomer on twitter: @yoastronomer

Like Young Astronomer on Facebook: facebook.com/youngastronomerhiphop

Search Young Astronomer on Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, Apple Music etc.
for instant streaming of all songs

Latest News, Release Info, Show Announcements be sure to check his
verified Google Page: https://g.co/kgs/iDWZg8

Check out Utility Beats and his latest work here:



Follow Trenchfoot on social media for his latest tunes:



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Canadian Rapper Releases New Song Cloud 9

By Matthew Kyazze

Canadian Rapper Releases New Song Cloud 9

Ottawa born music artist/songwriter Young Astronomer releases his highly anticipated single “Cloud 9” in hopes to bring some upbeat positivity to a seemingly chaotic and busy world.

Real name Colin Gordon Campbell, better known by his stage persona Young Astronomer is most known for many live performances with Gold & Credited artists such as Wifisfuneral, MGK, Freddie Gibbs, Odd Future, Classified etc. & many more. This will be his first official release of 2020, being produced by Utility Beats (USA) and mixed, mastered and recorded by @ripvctr (Canada). With a fresh outlook and talks of much more music being created now and on the horizon with a variety of 613 bred talent, we can’t wait to see what he brings in terms of new tunes.
As for a song review, wow. “Cloud 9” is about as smooth as it comes! His lyrical content, delivery, hook and beat-choice, we’re no doubt in the young emcees mind. When picking the true vibe and feel for this song, it really does make you visualize yourself walking on clouds with the sun beaming down. Which seemed to be his true intention.

Young Astronomer proves to be a real up and coming force to be reckoned with, local & worldwide.  So far, he has accumulated more than 290,000+ streams/plays on all platforms combined and 3 verifications on 3 major profiles. Everyday it seems he’s pushing towards the goal of becoming a musical chameleon of all colours and shapes.

Hear the song right below here!

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Follow New Alchemy Audio/@ripvctr on Social Media: 
Instagram: @ripvctr
Instagram #2: @newalchemyaudio
Instagram #3: @ghvstz_
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Local Recording Artist Young Astronomer Making Waves In Ottawa

By Matthew Kyazze

Local Recording Artist Young Astronomer Making Waves In Ottawa
24 year old up and coming hiphop artist Young Astronomer (Ottawa) is booked to perform as an opening act on July 26th hitting the stage before Wifisfuneral (Interscope Records) with official Tour Support by Camp Yola & 2$toned, presented by: The Diamond Mine Agency.
Most of you know Young Astronomer by his music created in the hiphop collective SWiFTcrew which began in early February 2013 (with songs like Rollin’, ILYMJ, Party Gods, Munchies & their debut song “SWiFT living” how we could forget) or when they rocked a sold out show with Machine Gun Kelly at Algonquin Commons Theatre back in 16’, it’s no question that 2019 is the year big things start to happen.

Word on the street is that Young Astronomer is taking the next chapter to focus on his solo career and release his highly anticipated 3rd body of work “Against All Odds” which will consist of 6 songs and be released later in the year.
If you haven’t heard about the artist that hits so close to home, be sure to check out his previously released EP’s My Thoughts Exactly (2015) & Dreams in Space v1 (2017) and his latest 2019 singles Awoken, Luxury and of course his hit song Mix It Up which recently garnered over 100,000 views on all platforms just recently and shows real promise of success for the young rapper.
Bottom line, if you haven’t checked out Young Astronomer live in concert yet or heard any of his music, we strongly suggest you do cause he’s a real star in the making, we caught up with him last week and he had this to say: “it’s all a process, I’m just happy I have the outlets to express how I’m feeling and how I’m doing with my music.. if you’ve been feeling me and my tunes I really appreciate that, cause it’s real and like my music it’ll always be genuine so thank you everyone, I can’t wait to drop this new music, be sure to check me out on July 26th”.

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