What is BPM Studio?

By Matthew Kyazze

What is BPM Studio?

The story of BPM Studio?

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    Founded in 2021, BPM Studio is a one-stop shop for creative freelancers looking to mold and shape their passion into a professional brand and career. From branding services, film production and photography to music and so much more.


    We created BPM to become the one-stop studio businesses can visit to build their brand. We started with one goal: to help businesses with strategy and direction in the digital space so they can take their business to the next level without losing focus on what matters, actually running their business.


    Why are you different? 

    We offer everything an artist needs to launch their career. An artist can come in record their music, get a marketing plan, and film a video all at the same location.

    How can people get involved? 

    • Follow us on Instagram @bpmstudiohq
    • Sign up for our Email list
    • Reach out and come see the Studio!





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