FFA Productions

By Joey Wrinn

FFA Productions

FFA Productions
 FFA has recently expanded within by offering high quality media productions services. This also means all of the company’s content moving forward is brought to you exclusively by the FFA team, allowing complete freedom when it comes to creative expression. The company has officially become incorporated, and is here to stay and make a name in Canada’s capital. Instead of just identifying as a Media Platform, Far From Average has rebranded into a Creative Agency. Essentially a one stop shop for any local artists, entertainers, clubs, and clothing brands, to fulfill any desired need.
                 Foreign by Black Iri$h
Throughout the year the demand for video production has increased, visuals have become a huge part of any industry, no matter what sector you are in, it is a huge part of marketing. In particular, music videos have become just as big as the song itself. With the push for cutting edge visuals that capture the viewers attention, FFA has decided to take part in this wave, and offer production services. Our production services push our brand by increasing exposure and captivating our viewers. Our production team offers top quality picture and video services with leading edge technology that we are constantly upgrading.
We are proud to announce FFA Productions to the public!
For any inquires on our productions services, please do not hesitate to contact us, farfromaveragemgmt@gmail.com.


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