Meet- Newagehip & Dashype

By Matthew Kyazze

Meet- Newagehip & Dashype

If you're looking for a new wave of hip hop, you’ll need to meet two of my favourite artists right now. Newagehip aka Hippie & Dashype!


Photo taken by @matkyazze

Newagehip aka Hippie received his first shot at the Capcity showdown back in December, 2014. He was offered a spot in the competition after dropping freestyles at a bush party in Embrun. Since then Hip has performed over 70 shows in the city of Ottawa. Opening for artists such as MGK at Algonquin Commons, Freddie Gibbs at Babylon Nightclub, & Comethazine at the Bourbon Room!

A big turning point was when Hip crossed paths with Kyazze & Black Irish in 2015 after opening for Jazz Cartier at Ritual Nightclub with Swift Crew. Kyazze & Hip have since thrown countless parties & shows all over the city and Hip never throws a show without his partner Dashype.

Photo taken by

Presently Das & Hip have been spending the year off performing, and have been stacking up music in the studio. The goal is to start dropping a song a week. 


Photo taken by @scottyv__

After a couple of relatively quiet years, Dashype is back and releasing more new music than ever. Revered easily as one of Ottawa’s most versatile up-and-coming vocalists and producers; fusing elements of bass heavy lyrical rap, rnb, trap, pop, and choir style singing; Dashype’s sound is growing much more intricate and calculated moving into 2021. 
Das has worked with and preformed alongside many of the city’s underground heavyweights including DUKESs, and Deucio; experimental rap artists like Newagehip, and producer Trench Foot to be able to craft a sound that is within it’s own realm in comparison to other artists in the city.
As of late, Das has been working closely with FFA’s very own Kyazze, and is releasing a series of back-to-back EP’s with Newagehip leading into the new year.
  Photo taken by


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