We're back on Youtube!

By Matthew Kyazze

We're back on Youtube!

Imagine being a company that provides production services, but unfortunately they can't anymore because they lost access to there camera. Well that was us for a few months..and NOW ITS ALL IN THE PAST!
We are back in the production game and we're BIGGER AND BETTER THAN EVER BEFORE. Let's celebrate, scroll down below to watch our newest Youtube video. 

Dj Fids really is the chosen one and was welcomed to this planet on Canada Day. We drove down to Wakefield, Quebec to swim while the earth decided to be 40 plus degrees. Then took the party to Babylon Nightclub to celebrate the rest of his epic birthday. Literally the definition of "Work hard, play hard". 

If you need any production services of any kind, please email farfromaveragemgmt@gmail.com. 

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