FFA NEWS: City Fidelia truly is the Mayor of Ottawa

By Matthew Kyazze

FFA NEWS: City Fidelia truly is the Mayor of Ottawa

Luigi "City" Fidelia has always been someone we look up to at FFA. By constantly working on his craft and showing it in every release, City embodies everything we strive for here at Far From Average. Since returning to Ottawa, he has taken it upon himself to truly elevate the culture of our fine city. The level of creativity that stems from his home studio, "The Real House of Ensemble," sets a new standard for recording artists working out of Ottawa. His commitment couldn't be deterred as he handled putting together the space through this Pandemic caused by COVID-19. How thankful we are for his hard work as we now have this staple creative space to flourish from the heart of the downtown core. 

Today we would like to take some time to congratulate City Fidelia on his newly appointed position of Program Director for CHUO 89.1FM. For those who don't know, CHUO 89.1FM is a community-based campus radio station located right here in Ottawa. The station itself pride's itself on playing what they want, not simply one genre of music or whats popular at the time. We are beyond confident that City Fidelia will have a massive impact on the radio station and provide a platform to showcase local creatives.

Tune in to City's newest release titled "Legacy" featuring Ottawa based Artist Hueso. One of our favourite songs from Hueso as he reveals a darker, more raw tone with his voice to show his versatility from his previous R&B releases. The hometown hero City Fidelia shows exactly what he's made of with a powerful and lyrically sound verse to solidify this single. We are looking forward to seeing what else these two bring to the table in the upcoming months. Congratulations on an amazing first release of the year!


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