The Senate Tavern: Superbowl Pop up by Chef Jae Anthony

By Matthew Kyazze

The Senate Tavern: Superbowl Pop up by Chef Jae Anthony

With the first month of the year behind us, nobody will forget what 2020 taught us. The trajectory of the new year has reminded us to stay on our toes. The goal this year, as every other year, is to give it our all and push towards greatness. Black History month is here and recognition for Black Entrepreneurs in the Ottawa Community has started garnering the support it deserves. More and more members of the Black Entrepreneurial community are starting to blossom and even more people are supporting all the young entrepreneurs in the making. 

An individual who has been on our radar for a while now is Jae Anthony. He is a Culinary Chef from Montreal. Jae Anthony made his presence known in Ottawa in a short period of time. Chef Jae made the move from Montreal to Ottawa with a business venture you might know as “Tingz.” After months of hard work, his first venue in Ottawa opened in March of 2020, pre pandemic. With only one week of service under their belt and a buzz already circulating around the city of a sit-down Caribbean style restaurant, they were forced to close their doors along with the rest of the world. The timing was disheartening but Chef Jae didn’t shy from the challenge. With experience in take-out driven restaurants, Chef Jae Anthony quickly adapted and pushed the “Tingz” take-out to the best of it’s abilities. He surely had his work cut out for him as they were consistently busy throughout the entire Provincial Lockdown. Letting his food do the talking, Chef Jae Anthony organically proved his reputation within the Ottawa Restaurant Community. 

Photo taken by Eric Stone from FFA

The success of “Tingz” was unfortunately brought to an abrupt halt. While many may have assumed a new business navigating the pandemic may have struggled far too much to endure. The closure of “Tingz” was handled behind the scenes involving silent partners and contractual disputes. Regardless of the hope for resolution, “Tingz” doors were closed just 3 weeks shy of the secondary Provincial Lockdown, leaving staff and patrons alike in lingo. 

Fast forward to the new year, Chef Jae Anthony has continued to show his resilience and ability to pivot throughout these unpredictable times. Currently occupying a Ghost Kitchen space located at City Centre here in Ottawa, Jae is sporting not 1, but 2 operations running simultaneously. “Chef Jae Anthony Pop-Up” is pushing the beloved Caribbean style food that we all missed so dearly, while his new “Side Piece” project boasts a Southern take on his classic Caribbean cuisine. Be on the lookout for Fried Chicken galore, Mac N’ Cheese, Cornbread and more Southern Classics with a twist. 

Graphic created by James Wrinn

With it being Superbowl Sunday and not a bar in sight to sit down and order your favourite football comfort food, this is an amazing opportunity to support your local businesses. Our family over at The Senate Tavern locations, Clarence and Bank St, have tasked Chef Jae Anthony in curating their Superbowl Sunday take-out menu. With a “Side Piece” twist on your favourite football snacks, be on the lookout for: Jerk Chicken Nachos, Big Mac Sliders, Pineapple Scotch Bonnet Wings and the ever anticipated Cardiac Arrest dish. Visit to place your order today!

Photo taken by Eric Stone 


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